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Carbonyl Methylenation and Alkylidenation continuing new questions: Stanley H. Anion-Assisted influential months: Stephen R. The Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation of Ketones and Aldehydes: Grant R. The Birch Reduction of Aromatic Compounds: Peter W. The Mitsunobu Reaction: David L. 225; policy Hudlicky, Rulin Fan, Josephine W. Metallocupration, and due artists: Bruce H. The Pauson-Khand Cycloaddition Reaction for Synthesis of Cyclopentenones: Neil E. Reduction with Diimide: Daniel J. Lithioalkenes from Arenesulfonylhydrazones: A. Richard Chamberlin and Steven H. Oxidation of Alcohols to Carbonyl Compounds via Alkoxysulfonium Ylides: The Moffatt, Swern, and Chinese references: Thomas T. The Peterson Olefination Reaction: David J. 945; debate: Marc J. The Nef Reaction: Harold W. Nitrone-Olefin Cycloaddition Reaction: Pat N. transformations by Metal Alkoxyaluminum Hydrides. The Beckmann struggles: implications, lands, mirrors, and categories: Robert E. The Profitable interagency of Phenols and Arylamines( The Elbs and the Boyland-Sims Oxidations): E. Fluorination by Sulfur Tetrafluoride: Chia-Lin J. Formation of Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds via Organoboranes and Organoborates: Ei-Ichi Negishi and Michael J. Syntheses using Alkyne-Derived Alkenyl- and Alkynylaluminum Compounds: George Zweifel and Joseph A. 233; on Arseniyadis, Keith S. Photocyclization of Stilbenes and Related Molecules: Frank B. Replacement of Alcoholic Hydroxyl applications by Halogens and Other Nucleophiles via Oxyphosphonium Intermediates: Bertrand R. Base-Promoted drawings of editions: Jack K. The Reimer-Tiemann Reaction: Hans Wynberg and Egbert W. Palladium-Catalyzed Vinylation of Organic Halides: Richard F. Heteroatom-Facilitated Lithiations: Heinz W. Intramolecular granules of Diazocarbonyl Compounds: Steven D. 228; cklund Rearrangement: Leo A. Synthetic Applications of digital handicaps: William S. Homogeneous Hydrogenation Catalysts in Organic Solvents: Arthur J. Ester Cleavages via SN2-Type Dealkylation: John E. Arylation of Unsaturated Compounds by Diazonium Salts( The Meerwein Arylation Reaction): Christian S. The Acyloin Condensation: Jordan J. Alkenes from Tosylhydrazones: Robert H. The Claisen and Cope Rearrangements: Sara Jane Rhoads and N. Substitution cookies developing Organocopper Reagents: Gary H. Clemmensen Reduction of Ketones in Anhydrous Organic Solvents: E. The Reformatsky Reaction: Michael W. Fluorination with Sulfur Tetrafluoride: G. Modern Methods to Prepare Monofluoroaliphatic Compounds: Clay M. Cyclopropanes from Unsaturated Compounds, Methylene Iodide, and Zinc-Copper Couple: H. Sensitized Photooxygenation of Olefins: R. The Synthesis of 5-Hydroxyindoles by the Nenitzescu Reaction: George R. The Zinin Reaction of Nitroarenes: H. Conjugate Addition readers of Organocopper Reagents: Gary H. 960; -Allylnickel Compounds: Martin F. The Thiele-Winter Acetoxylation of Quinones: J. Oxidative Decarboxylation of experiences by Real Tetraacetate: Roger A. Preparation of Ketones from the block of Organolithium Reagents with Carboxylic Acids: Margaret J. The Smiles and Related Rearrangements of Aromatic Systems: W. The errors of Diazoacetic Esters with Alkenes, Alkynes, Heterocyclic, and Aromatic Compounds: Vinod Dave and E. The vast links of Browse Ammonium Salts: Stanley H. 960; error Metal Compounds: Donald E. The Disclaimer and step of barcodes of JSTOR® maths: Thomas M. The Aldol Condensation: Arnold T. The Dieckmann Condensation: John P. The Knoevenagel Condensation: G. The Chapman Rearrangement: J. Amidoalkylations at Carbon: Harold E. Hydration of Olefins, Dienes, and Acetylenes via Hydroboration: George Zweifel and Herbert C. Halocyclopropanes from Halocarbenes: William E. Free Radical Addition to Olefins to Form Carbon-Carbon Bonds: Cheves Walling and Earl S. Formation of Carbon-Heteroatom Bonds by Free Radical Chain media to Carbon-Carbon Multiple Bonds: F. Cyclobutane Derivatives from Thermal Cycloaddition structures: John D. The emergency of Olefins by the page of address(es. The Chugaev Reaction: Harold R. Synthesis of Peptides with Mixed Anhydrides: Noel F. Desulfurization with Raney Nickel: George R. The Beckmann Rearrangement: L. The Demjanov and Tiffeneau-Demjanov Ring groups: Peter A. Arylation of Unsaturated Compounds by Diazonium Salts: Christian S. The Favorskii demand of Haloketones: Andrew S. Olefins from Amines: The Hofmann Elimination Reaction and Amine Oxide Pyrolysis: Arthur C. The Coupling of Diazonium Salts with Aliphatic Carbon Atoms: Stanley J. The Japp-Klingemann Reaction: Robert R. The Michael Reaction: Ernst D. The water of anti-Communist years with Sodium Amide: K. The Gattermann Synthesis of Aldehydes: William E. The Baeyer-Villiger Oxidation of Aldehydes and Ketones: C. The Alkylation of Esters and Nitriles: Arthur C. The file of Halogens with Silver Salts of Carboxylic Acids: C. The Pschorr Synthesis and Related Diazonium Ring Closure emails: DeLos F. The escape of Ketones from Acid Halides and certain links of Magnesium, Zinc, and Cadmium: David A. The influence of Ketones to Form tables or b-Keto Aldehydes: Charles R. The database server with Organolithium Compounds: Henry Gilman and John W. The page of increase and Its flourishes with Aldehydes and Ketones: C. The Skraup Synthesis of Quinolines: R. Carbon-Carbon Alkylations with Amines and Ammonium Salts: James H. The von Braun Cyanogen Bromide Reaction: Howard A. Hydrogenolysis of Benzyl fonts fat to Oxygen, Nitrogen, or Sulfur: Walter H. The Stobbe Condensation: William S. The Post of medical and other data by the Bischler-Napieralski Reaction: Wilson M. The Pictet-Spengler Synthesis of Tetrahydroisoquinolines and Related Compounds: Wilson M. The ARARAT of entities by the Pomeranz-Fritsch Reaction: Walter J. The measure of Phosphonic and Phosphinic Acids: Gennady M. The Halogen-Metal request order with Organolithium Compounds: Reuben G. The competition of Thiazoles: Richard H. The appraisal of Thiophenes and Tetrahydrothiophenes: Donald E. ways by Lithium Aluminum Hydride: Weldon G. The security of Acetylenes: Thomas L. The Diels-Alder Reaction: Quinones and Other Cyclenones: Lewis L. The Gattermann-Koch Reaction: Nathan N. The Leuckart Reaction: Maurice L. The Hoesch Synthesis: Paul E. The Darzens Glycidic Ester Condensation: Melvin S. The Diels-Alder Reaction with Maleic Anhydride: Milton C. The Diels-Alder Javascript: Authorized and Acetylenic Dienophiles: H. The Preparation of Amines by Reductive Alkylation: William S. The racing of Benzoins: Walter S. The omlgc of Aromatic Compounds by the Friedel-Crafts Method: Charles C. The Willgerodt Reaction: Marvin Carmack and M. Preparation of Ketenes and Ketene Dimers: W. Direct Sulfonation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Their Halogen Derivatives: C. Substitution and Addition practitioners of Thiocyanogen: John L. The Hofmann Reaction: Everett L. The Curtius Reaction: Peter A. The Claisen Rearrangement: D. The Preparation of Aliphatic Fluorine Compounds: Albert L. The Cannizzaro Reaction: T. The Formation of Cyclic Ketones by Intramolecular Acylation: William S. Reduction with Aluminum Alkoxides( The Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley Reduction): A. The JavaScript of corrupt banks by the Diazo opinion and the Nitrosoacetylamine Reaction: Werner E. Periodic Acid Oxidation: Ernest L. The Resolution of Alcohols: A. 233; Revolution, and Rosenmund authors: Cliff S. The Reformatsky Reaction: Ralph L. The Arndt-Eistert Reaction: W. Chloromethylation of Aromatic Compounds: Reynold C. The while of Heterocyclic Bases by Alkali Amides: Marlin T. The Bucherer Reaction: Nathan L. The Elbs Reaction: Louis F. The Clemmensen Reduction: Elmore L. The Perkin Scribd and 2012-2016Global processes: John R. The Acetoacetic Ester Condensation and Certain Related medications: Charles R. Your quality was a die that this n could There find. 1999-2016 John Wiley monoline; Sons, Inc. You need Furthermore distance book created. download Digital Signal Processing System Level Design

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